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Big Bad Bumbags
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   The Event
  Bass Generator
  Bass Generator
   We're Droppin' This
  Scott Brown // Hyperbass
   Jump To Groove
  DJ Ham
  Next Generation
10.00 - opening link
   Rock Tha Beat
  Plus System
   Disco Hardcore
20.00 - shout outs
21:40 - badminton partner bam up
   Knightraver Remix
  Ramos // Sunset Regime // Billy Bunter
23.01 - room to let (oli) bam up
26.40 - room to let (robin) bam up
   Party Now (12" MIx)
  Party Now
  Club Scene
   Hardcore Creators
  Bass X
34.41 - dick cunet dyslexia bam up
  Dream Sequence
41.30 - bumbag scope
   Really Love You (Dougal and Gammer Remix)
  Dougal // Mickey Skeedale
  Essential Platinum
43.29 - tasha room to let bam up
  Sharkey // Trixxy
   Heartbeats (Scott Brown)
  Styles // Breeze
  Raver Baby
52.20 - daz doorstep challange
53.34 - singer and bassist seeks band with prospects bam up
   The People Love It
  Scott Brown // Bass-D // King Matthew
58.15 - bumbag bam up
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