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jungle // rave // gabba // happyhardcore // bouncytechno

The original Subcity hardcore show returns with DJs Cloudo & Michael and Gobo on the phone as well as occasional appearaces from the rest of the crew DJ Troutfish, DJ Mayhem MC Activace Cheesy et al... Tune in for the best prankies in town plus a dose of hardcore heaven made from old school bangers and new tracks from the UK Hardcore scene. Cloudo and Gobo have been on and off the air since 2003 and have receved awards from The Herald and others for their show and newspaper columns Follow them on Bebo, Facebook and YouTube (links at bottom right)

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only if i had one more...
12/03/2013 // Cloudo X Mayhem Takeover

Awright troops, Cloudo and DJ Mayhem needed a place to get a practice before the Sub Club tonight and they're both on ASBOs for noise complaints so we're using the spare key we cut to get back into Subcity for a one off.

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