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Clean Young Mess
indie // electro // rock // pop // retrosounds

GET CLEAN THEN GET MESSY every Tuesday 6pm - 7pm with Heather McCartney and Morgan Wright. Clean Young Mess is a pleasant mess of all the best tunes, from the classics to your new favourite songs! We'll also be keeping you up to date on all the latest local gigs and letting you know the best places to be seen in the local area. We'll be discussing everything from celebrity gossip to world events, although the topics are more likely to involve LiLo than Gordon Brown! Keep an eye on our show news for all updates, special guests, live performances and one off shows on your favourite artists!!

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Angry Show
27/10/2009 // Unnamed Episode

Sometimes the nice girls at Clean Young Mess get nasty, and we went your help!! We're fed up of the bad weather, credit crunch (closely followed by people talking about the credit crunch), Hallowe'en costume stress etc. So send us in requests of what you listen to when you're angry and tell us your angry stories!!

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