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The Lockdown Files
Citizen of Nothing
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   I Don't Belong
  Fontaines D.C.
   I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight
  Richard and Linda Thompson
   Ballad of You & I
  Hotel Lux
  Nice Swan
   Something On Your Mind
  Karen Dalton
  Light In The attic
   The Waltz
  Dexys Midnight Runners
   Good Days
  Top Dawg
   Hey Moon!
  Molly Nilsson
  Dark Skies Assosciation
   Wild Time
  Weyes Blood
  Sub Pop
  Le Tigre
  Mr. Lady
   Take Back the Radio
  Katy J Pearson
   Rhubarb on Classical Guitar
  James Devane
  Daly City Twins
   Diary of a Young Man
  Television Personalities
  Kedr Livanskiy
   Coming Up For Air
  Ilian Tape
  Tommy Holohan
   Uncertain Smile
  The The
   If Only You Were Lonely
  The Replacements
   Where We've Left Our Love
  Arab Strap
  Chemikal Underground
   On the Beach
  Neil Young
   I Love You Ono
  Stereo Total
  Stereo Total
   Trans-Canada Oil Boom Blues
  Whitney K
  Maple Death
   In the Belly of a Whale
  The Last Dinosaur
   Cut Your Hair
  Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
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