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Citizen of Nothing
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   No One's Little Girl
  The Raincoats
  We tHree
   Germ Free Adolescents
  X-ray Spex
  Saint Jude
  Slow Dance
  Prince Buster
   Slow Jam
  Vieux Farka Toure
  Six Degrees
   Heaven or Las Vegas
  Cocteau Twins
   Le Jardin
  La Femme
  disque pointu
   La Femme D'Argent
   Inner City Life
  London Music Stream
   Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in my Soul
  The KLF
  Wax Trax!
   The Quiet at Night
  Mary Lattimore
   A Kind of Promise
  Claire Rousay
  American Dreams
   Waterfall Arcing in the Still of Night, Part 1
  Tuluum Shimmering
  Tuluum Shimmering
   Style It Takes
  Lou Reed & John Cale
   Brush Your Hair
  Sacred Paws
  Rock Action
   Foolish Harp/Waerera
  Bhundu Boys
  Cooking Vinyl
   Twilight in Boston
  Jonathan Richman
   East River Dawn
  Laurie Spiegel
  Unseen Worlds
   Spiral Staircase (AFX Remix)
  Luke Vibert
   I'm In Love With a Dreadlocks
  Brown Sugar
  Soul Jazz
   New Grass
  Talk Talk
   The Colour of Spring
  Mark Hollis
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