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Chust Sublime
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   Ringo rock
  The Soul Vendors
  Soul Jazz
   Stay close to me
  Five Stairsteps & Cubie
   Johnny too bad
  Taj Mahal
   F ine lines
  John Martyn
  Pri nce & NPG
  Paisley Park / Warner Bros.
   New frontier
  Donald Fagen
  Warner Bros.
  The Band
   River of love
  T-Bone Burnett
   Hang around the water
  Art Of Flying
  Throat Culture
   Hey! here comes the light
  Art Of Flying
  Throat Culture
   Good traveler
  Art Of Flying
  Throat Flying
   Jesus said & Mary said
  Art Of Flying
  Throat Flying
   Crazy little guitar man
  Red Foley
   Stone walls and steel bars
  The Stanley Brothers
   Bell bottom blues
  Derek and the Dominos
   Sad Mary
  Stone The Crows
  David Crosby
   If I could
  David Crosby
   Sequence one
  Tough Love
   Mistake a stranger
  Tough Love
   Dirty boulevard
  Lou Reed
   Cancion mixteca
  Ramiro Cavazos con Conjunto Tamaulipas
   Willie and the hand jive
  Johnny Otis
   Rockin in ryhtym
  Richard Thompson
  Ry Cooder
   Jumping dub
  Bunny Lee
  Pressure Sounds
   Skilful dub
  Bunny Lee
  Pressure Sounds
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