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Volume 4 Best in the tred (trade)
Chust Sublime
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   Death in the arena
   Get it on part 1
  Gloria Jones
   The lens
  Morgan Blue Town
  Jerry Corbitt
   Aguardiente Y Pollo
  Nelson Y Sus Estrellas
  World Music Network
   One day
  Popi Asteriadi
   American interior
  Gruff Rhys
   Ital corner
  Prince Jazzbo
   the Faust tapes side 1
   What a scandal
  The Skatalites
  King Sounds
   End of the line
  The Holy Ghosts
   Dancing in the dark
  Frank Sinatra
   Reason for it all
   Time between bottles of wine
  Waylon Jennings
   Take a stroll thru your mind
  The Temptations
   Amateur Hour
   Je t'aime...moi non plus
  Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
   The down exercise
  Donatos Airtos
   Born to be wild
  Dark Entries
   Rock & rollin' # 2
  Little Son Jackson
   To tilephono tis xenitias
  3 mustaphas 3
  Globe Style
   Tennessee rock
  Hoyt Scoggins // The Saturday Nite Jamboree Boys
   Jim Dandy
  Margie Hendrix
  Charly R & B
   Conscious Ites Cut 5
  King General and the Bush Chemists
  Conscious Sounds
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