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20 - Sweet Ickle Sixteen
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  Reggie Stepper
  Soul Jazz
   Cool Out Son
  Junior Murvin
  Joe Gibbs
   Declaration of Rights
  Johnnie Clarke
   Hello Darling
  Tippa Irie
  Uk Bubblers
   Natty Rebel
  U Roy
   A.B.C Rocksteady
  The Gaylads
  High Note
   Rudies All Around
  Joe White
   The Upsetter
   Dreader Than Dreader Dread
  Honey Boy Martin
   Time is Cold
  Triston Palmer // Roots Radic // Scientist
   How Can A Man Be Happy
  Triston Palmer
   Harder They Come
  Jimmy Cliff
   Only Woman DJ With Degree
  Sister Nancy
  Soul Jazz
   Sendi Addict
  Horace Ferguson
   The Bartender
  Laurel Aitkin
   Buffalo Soldier
  Mungo's Hi Fi // YT
  Scotch Bonnet
   Wickedness (Chungo-Bungo Dubplate)
  Mungo's Hi Fi // Brother Culture
  White Label
   Under Me Sin Ting
  Reggie Stepper
  Soul Jazz
   No Letting Go
  Wayne Wonder
  White Label
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