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dancehall // reggae // roots // dub // steppers

"You're in tune to the conquering conquerer, Chungo-Bungo high power." Fortnightly danger business from the Chungo-Bungo crew. Nuff dubplates & exclusives a gwan. _________________________ bookings - [email protected]

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45 - It's a Hard Road to Travel Soundbwoy!!
11/06/2012 // 45 - It's a Hard Road to Travel Soundbwoy!!

There's been many a Buckfast-filled nights of laughs in the sweaty wee studio, many hazy memories, excited plays of our first ever dubplates and a few sessions that never seemed like they would end.

With these great memories intact and some exciting plans for the future, we've decided to call it a day. Tonight will be our last show on the station, aside from a few specials now and then (hopefully!).

So that's James on selection, Campeazi on the mic, a bag of 45's and nuff dubplates.

Live at 7pm or listen again anytime, one last time.

Reggae is the music.

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