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worldbeat // exotic // outsider // rhythmic // fourthworld

Global connectivity, metaphysical traveling and world music in a very current sense, which is to say, rootless in all its dazzling multiplicity. Intrinsically linked with the worldly sound seeking circles of minimalist and avant-garde noisemakers, chOOn!! is woven into a complex tapestry of the manmade and natural, synthetic and organic. Rooted in an impulse both ancient and original - subtle, hypnotic percussions and natural rituals confronting the digital future. From the sublime to the ridiculous but all fit to be branded "chOOn!!"

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   11:00 - 13:00
   Tue, 08/10/2019
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29/01/2019 // #mechOOn!!

chOOn!! returns for a selection of strangely sweet synth jams, mutant poptones, cosmic odysseys and avant-garde sound farts. Join us as we dance in a strictly motorik fashion to this brief, trippy blast of soft focus gas!

If you haven't done so already then please don your snorkel and catch up with our underwater adventures via Dream Chimney's Mix of the Week.

// chOOn!! with the Dolphins [DREAM CHIMNEY] //

More exciting guest mixes planned this year as well as a very special announcement next month - eyes on the prize and keep on chOOning - good things will follow...

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