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worldbeat // exotic // outsider // rhythmic // fourthworld

chOOn!! is a reissue label and a radio show operating out of Glasgow, Scotland (choooon.bandcamp.com).

Global connectivity, metaphysical traveling and world music in a very current sense, which is to say, rootless in all its dazzling multiplicity.

Intrinsically linked with the worldly sound seeking circles of minimalist and avant-garde noisemakers, chOOn!! is woven into a complex tapestry of the manmade and natural, synthetic and organic. Rooted in an impulse both ancient and original - subtle, hypnotic percussions and natural rituals confronting the digital future.

From the sublime to the ridiculous but all fit to be branded "chOOn!!"

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   13:00 - 15:00
   Sun, 22/11/2020
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Guest Mix #8 // Cesare Barbetta [Orbeatize]
25/10/2020 // Guest Mix #8 // Cesare Barbetta [Orbeatize]

Today we welcome our eighth guest mix selection - this time from Cesare Barbetta - DJ, rare music curator and proprietor behind quite possibly the world's greatest record blog, the legendary Boxes of Toys.

Now label head of Orbeatize, a relatively new Italian imprint, Cesare champions the rare musical antiquities showcased across his blog and celebrates new artists drawn from a vast spectrum of curious, unique, deranged and experimental sound design.

His guest mix takes us on a wide-ranging survey of Italian electronic experimentation featured across the Orbeatize label (including forthcoming releases), turning up pieces influenced by ambient and ethnographic musics, the hallucinatory worlds of distant deserts, remote civilisations and Italian occult psychedelia.

We are, of course, also celebrating the release of our third reissue which landed at the start of the month (October 1st) - Bi Nostalgia’s Exemplum Rhythmicus.

Originally released in 1990 under the artist’s name Luca Rigato, Exemplum Rhythmicus has long been coveted and hunted by collectors due to the scarcity of the original cassette. It falls among the strange and definition resistant artefacts of Italy’s remarkable avant-garde music scene of the 1980s. An emblem of sonic diversity rendered through electronic sound, distilling a daunting number of traditions and ideas, while sculpting its own world of creative singularity, standing apart from the rest. Available on vinyl via Light In The Attic and digital via the chOOn!! Bandcamp.

You can catch up on some other recent radio forays and guest spots - all Italian ambient/minimalist/ethnographic odd-waves in honour of the release of our third reissue.

We recently appeared on Moscow's New New World Radio (01.10.20) - Listen to our twilight selection of Italian minimalism and ethnographic plunderphonics on the cloud via


We contributed to the burgeoning Melbourne-based mix series Under the Apricot Tree - listen back to our oceanic travelogue detailing Mediterranean fourth world and ambient currents on the cloud via



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