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worldbeat // exotic // outsider // rhythmic // fourthworld

chOOn!! is a reissue label and a radio show operating out of Glasgow, Scotland (choooon.bandcamp.com).

Global connectivity, metaphysical traveling and world music in a very current sense, which is to say, rootless in all its dazzling multiplicity.

Intrinsically linked with the worldly sound seeking circles of minimalist and avant-garde noisemakers, chOOn!! is woven into a complex tapestry of the manmade and natural, synthetic and organic. Rooted in an impulse both ancient and original - subtle, hypnotic percussions and natural rituals confronting the digital future.

From the sublime to the ridiculous but all fit to be branded "chOOn!!"

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Guest Mix #7 // DJ Sanshiro
12/06/2020 // Guest Mix #7 // DJ Sanshiro

Today we welcome our our seventh guest mix selection - this time from Sanshiro Matsushita aka DJ Sanshiro - Tokyo based DJ, rare vinyl collector and proprietor of the legendary Deep Dance Music Page.

Much like the rare musical antiquities he displays on his blog, Sanshiro’s mixes slide from the effervescent towards the unhinged. His guest mix creates a collage of evocative fragments drawn from deranged pop and Japanese experimental sound design, luring you into hallucinatory emotions through symphonic synthesis and cinematic echoes. Mind expansion by means of hypnotic repetitions, polished minimalism and avant pop.

We are, of course, also celebrating the release of our second reissue which landed at the start of the month (June 1st) - Toshioki Matsumura’s A Visual Brain: 1986-1993.

For two decades, Toshi recorded soundtracks as a member of Visual Brains, a pioneering video-art collective based in Tokyo. This set of prime archival selections is a seamless mix of the organic and inorganic, the recent past and distant future. A Visual Brain is both damaged steel pan dub and hi-tech new wave balladry, damply ambient synth-pop and Reichian magnificence. Minimalist tropes wrapped in candy striped technicolor. Available on Vinyl via Light In The Attic and Digital via the chOOn!! Bandcamp.

You can catch up on some other radio forays - all Japanese currents in honour of the release of our second reissue.

We recently appeared on Portland's XRAY.fm for the wonderful Galaxy My Dear with Jason Urick - Listen to our selection of Japanese odd-ball and mutant poptones on the cloud via


We travelled across Glasgow via quarantine to guest on Clyde Built Radio (04.04.20). You can listen back to my offering on the cloud via


... and if you haven't already, catch up with our guest slot on Dublab in Los Angeles where the fascination with Japanese odd-waves continues.

Stream via the Dublab archive at



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