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The Cheesy Rock Show
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   Good Times Bad Times
  Led Zeppelin
   Cold As Ice
   Here I Go Again
   Livin' Thing
  Electric Light Orchestra
   Purple Haze
  Jimi Hendrix
   You Shook Me All Night Long
   Money For Nothing
  Dire Straits
   More Than A Feeling
   Anarchy In The UK
  Sex Pistols
  Manic Street Preachers
   Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
  Ian Dury & The Blockheads
  White Water
   Needle In A Haystack
  The Velvelettes
Number 10 in The Cheesy Rock Show's Top Ten Perfect Pop Songs!
   Country House
Blur come in at Number 9 in the countdown!
   I Want You Back
  The Jackson Five
Mr Jackson comes in at No.8 with the rest of the family!
   She Loves You
  The Beatles
Number 7! Lyrical Genius in this track!
   Baby Love
  The Supremes
Number 6 The Perfect Length of pop track!
   Too Many Broken Hearts
  Jason Donavon
N0. 5 - Can't believe I played this....sorry.
   Paradise By The Dashboard Light
Just a break from the 'perfect pop'!
  micheal Jackson
Number 4 is the King of Pop himself!
No. 3 Perfect Pop!
   You Can't Hurry Love
  Phil Collins
Number two in our countdown!
   Teenage Kicks
  The Undertones
  Good Vibrations
The Cheesy Rock Show's Perfect Pop Song!
   The Boys Are Back In Town
  Thin Lizzy
Right back to the cheesy rock!
   Ever Fallen In Love
  The Buzzcocks
  United Artists
   Get It On
   18 And Life
  Skid Row
   Born To Be Wild
   Don't Stop Believin'
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