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Top Ten Musical Egos
The Cheesy Rock Show
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   Eat The Rich
   Pour Some Sugar On Me
  Def Leppard
   Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  The Clash
   Foo Fighters
   You Stole The Sun From My Heart
  Manic Street Preachers
   Can't Stop This Thing We've Started
  Bryan Adams
   More Than A Feeling
   Burning Love
  Van Halen
  Warner Bros.
   Peggy Sue
  Buddy Holly
  Coral 61885
   Ace Of Spades
   Paradise By The Dashboard Light
   I Want You
  Bob Dylan
No 10. in our Top Ten Musical Egos...Mr Bob Dylan.
   Nobody Told Me
  John Lennon
No. 9 in our list was Pete Docherty...but I'm not playing his music so in at No. 8 was John Lennon.
   Live Forever
No. 7 in our countdown...the Gallagher brothers!
   Dolphins Were Monkeys
  Ian Brown
No.6 in our countdown Mr Ian Brown.
No. 5 is Robbie Williams...i'll not be playing his music though.
No.4 is ex Babylon-Zoo legend and God's disciple on earth Jas Mann.
  The Verve
Our No.3 ego is Richard Ashcroft. Google 'Richard Ashcroft: A study in an ego.' Mind blowing!
No.2 is the legend that is Johnny Rotten.
   Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Unsurprisingly our Number One Musical Ego is BONO....every six seconds Bono does something very irritating!
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