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The Top Ten Wackos and Weirdoes
The Cheesy Rock Show
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   I'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am)
  Gary Glitter
   God Save The Queen
  Sex Pistols
   Paradise City
  Guns 'N' Roses
   Play Dead
No. 10 in The Cheesy Rock Show's countdown of Wackos and Weirdoes is Alexander "Skip" Spence of Jefferson Airplane.
   Somebody To Love
  Jefferson Airplane
  RCA Victor
No.9 in our Top 10 Wackos and Weridoes is Eilert Pilarm a Swedish Elvis Impersonator...has to be heard to be believed!!
   Jailhouse Rock
  Eilert Pilarm
   Won't Get Fooled Again
  The Who
   Two Princes
  Spin Doctors
   Johnny B. Goode (Live)
  Chuck Berry
....Always was used for our game of Don't Forget The Lyrics with our very own professional footballer!
   All I Want Is Everything
  Def Leppard
   Another Girl, Another Planet
  The Only Ones
No. 8 in our Musical lunatics is Buckethead. A man who performs with a KFC Bucket on his head representing a character who was raised by chickens.
   The Ballad of Buckethead
  Higher Octave
No.7. in our countdown of musical lunatics is Syd Barret of Pink Floyd.
   Wish You Were Here
  Pink Floyd
No. 6 in our countdown was Frank Zappa but unfortunately due to time restraints we weren't able to play anything by him.
Our No. 5 lunatic is G.G Allin.
   1980s Rock 'n' Roll
  G.G Allin
At No.4 it is the most eccentric woman in music..Kate Bush - you love her, don't deny it!
   Wuthering Heights
  Kate Bush
Our no. 3 musical nutcase was Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. Lack of time meant no Beach Boys track was played.
No. 2 in our countdown is the man who bit the head off doves, bats and shot his own cats. Ozzy Osbourne.
  Black Sabbath
The Cheesy Rock Show's number one wacko and weirdo is old Wacko Jacko himself. It might be obvious but the evidence against him was just too strong. He is just no right!
   Billie Jean
  micheal Jackson
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