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The Cheeky Debut
The All Day Cheeky Breakfast
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   Place Your Hands
   You Can Call Me Al
  Paul Simon
  Warner Bros.
   Accident and Emergency
  Patrick Wolf
  Loog Records
   Raspberry Beret
  Paisley Park
   Drive My Car
  The Beatles
  EMI Parlophone
   I Want You Back
  Jackson 5
   Devil's Haircut
   Suffragette City
  David Bowie
   Tell Her About It
  Billy Joel
   Sweet Little Mystery
  Wet Wet Wet
  MF Doom
  Rhymesayers Entertainment
   Old School Rules
  Danger Doom // Talib Kweli
   I'm Always Here
  Jimi Jamison
  TopNotch Records
   The Safety Dance
  Men Without Hats
  Phil Collins
   Road To Nowhere
  Talking Heads
   The Heat is On
  Glenn Frey
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