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The Morning After the Night Before.
The All Day Cheeky Breakfast
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   Soul Intro/The Chicken
  Jaco Pastorius
  Warner Bros.
   Move On Up
  Curtis Mayfield
   Solsbury Hill
  Peter Gabriel
   Sigh No More
  Mumford and Sons
   My Backwards Walk
  Frightened Rabbit
  Fat Cat
   Mess Around
  Ray Charles
   Jumpin' Jack Flash
  The Rolling Stones
   Dr Jackall
  Miles Davis
   Flamenco Sketches
  Miles Davis
   Moose to the Mooch
  Charlie Parker
   Ma and Pa
   Bonin' in the Boneyard
   No Cars Go
  Arcade Fire
  Rough Trade
   Alphabet St.
  Paisley Park
   Family Affair
  Sly and the Family Stone
   Bullet in the Head
  Rage Against The Machine
   P Funk (Wants to get funked up)
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