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Casio Canteen
indie // electro // dance // electronica // pop

Casio Canteen, with Itch! resident Gnarlyface, is a show embracing all things electronic, a show which celebrates the sound of the digital generation. Whether it's music to dance to, relax to, drive to, even make out to, Casio Canteen wants to get your gray cells tingling to the glitching, beeping, bopping sound of a red hot hard-drive, an eclectic mix of all things electronic. This show will journey back as far as the likes of Kraftwerk, the time of the dinosaurs as far as the digital age is concerned, bringing you old treats as well as the freshest new sounds of everything coming under the headings MIDI/binary/8-bit/electronic. There will be a healthy portion of Mac-nificent music in the Casio Canteen!

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The Stig....he's come a long way since the dump
24/03/2010 // Unnamed Episode

We've got some great house tracks for you on today's show, a couple of great pop remixes and a few of the best dubstep tracks out there just now to finish things off. A properly dance-able show for you in anticipation of this months Itch! on Friday.

Easy Lionel


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