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featuring Audiosyncracy in the mix
Build And Destroy
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   Twin Stars
  Solar Bears
  Planet Mu
   In And Out
  Ho Tep
   Big Tings Redone
  Wrongtom // Roots Manuva
  Big Dada
   Thank You All The Time Forever
  Dorian Concept
  Ninja Tune
   Country Road X
   Nintendo Love (Scanone Remix)
  Shelley Parker
   Get off (Club Mix)
  Warner Bros.
   In The Light Of The Miracle
  Arthur Russell
  Soul Jazz
*****Audiosyncracy in the mix*****
   Soul Food
  Lyn Tait // The Jets
   True Skool (Acapella)
  Coldcut // Roots Manuva
  Ninja Tune
   The Guns Of Brixton
  The Clash
  Great Dane
   Little Miss Lover (Audiosyncracy Edit)
  Jimi Hendrix
   The Good Vibe (Flevans Remix)
  Mash // Munkee
  Tru Thoughts
   Turn It Up (Acapella)
  Jurassic 5
   Yesterday's Folks
   Get It Together
  Beastie Boys
   Still Here
  Cold Busted
   The Logical Discussion
  Palov // Mishkin
   Silent Weapon (Instrumental)
  The Nextmen
   Root Down
  Beastie Boys
   See And Don't See
  Marie "Queenie" Lyons
   Full Time B-Boy
  Foreign Legion
  Insidious Urban
   No Competition
  Def Dee // Scott Fresh
  Unction Laity
   The Microphone Fiend
  Erik B // Rakim
   Woah, Seen (Instrumental)
  Circle Research
  Melting Pot
  Soul Train Dialogue
   Peace Frog
  The Doors
   Let It Roll (Lazypella)
  Doug Lazy
  White Label
   Intergalactic (Acapella)
  Beastie Boys
   Love Is The Drug
  Roxy Music
   Le Monde
  First Word
   Wordy Rappinghood
  Chicks On Speed
  Chicks On Speed
   Dirty Money
  Soom T
Download 2 of their mash ups at http://soundcloud.com/audiosyncracy/sets/subcity
Nate's twitter feed. http://twitter.com/natethompson
   My Cloud
  Gil Scott-Heron // Jamie XX
  Jamie Woon
  Candent Songs
  James Blake
   South Nesting
  Alistair Crosbie
  Digital Release
   Anti Anxiety Pill (a.d.l.r's Pills for Ana mix)
  Ana Caravelle
  Non Projects
   Kissin On A Rose
  Non Projects
   Burn The Shit Down
  Bomb 20
  Digital Hardcore
Subcity Radio is a non-profit freeform radio station supported by the University of Glasgow Students' Representative Council.
Scottish Charity Number SC006970.