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Broomhill Mix
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   Introduce me to love
   Just can't make it
  Jasiri Media Group
   Turn the music up
  Player Association
   Native new yorker
   Say yeah
  DJ Mayhem
  Basement Records
  Pound boys // Shawn Benson
  Look at You
   Always find a way
  Nine Yards
  octave one
  Concept Music
  Darryl d'bonnean
   If its all the same to you babe
  Luther Ingram
   My Personality
  Erid Gadd
  Strawberry Music
   Come see me
  Soul 4 Real
   Make love to me
  Maxine Brown
   Love is getting better
  Teri nelson group
  Kama Sutra
  Mica Paris
  4th And Broadway
   Release (intro to devotion)
  Courtney Pine
   Beautiful people (cjs vocal mix)
  Barbara Tucker
  Red Bullet
   Spirit (original demo mix)
  Gabriel Rene
   Let it be (vocal mix)
  Anne Nesby
   Trust yourself (KS Club Mix)
  Mentalistrum // Giant Storm
  King Street
   Funky Sensation
  Gwen McCrae
   Make my dream a reality
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