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Funky Sensations
Broomhill Mix
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Funky Sensation 1 by Jazz FM
   Thinking Of You
  Sister Sledge
   Make My Dream A Reality
Funky Sensation 2 by Jazz FM
   Always There
  Side Effect
   Hangin' On A String
  Loose Ends
Back Over To Funky Sensation 1 by Jazz FM
   'Til You Take My Love
  Harvey Mason
  Simply Vinyl
   City Living
  Linda Williams
Back to Funky Sensation 2 by Jazz FM
   Deja Vu
  Paulinho Da Costa
   Reach Out
  George Duke
Over To Funky Sensation 1 Again
   Tell Me Love
  Michael Wycoff
  Al jarreau
  Warner Bros.
Funky Sensation 2
   Ease Your Mind
  Record Shack
  Brass Construction
Funky Sensation 1
   Love Has Come Around
  Donald Byrd
Funky Sensation 2
   Turn The Music On
  Orlando Johnson // Trance
  Zig Zag
   Turn The Music Up
  Player Association
Funky Sensation 1
   Best Of My Love
  The Emotions
Funky Sensation 2
   Let's Lovedance Tonight
   Gary's Gang
   You're Gonna Loose Me
  Freddie Hubbard
Final Track From Funky Sensation 1
   Rock Creek Park
  The Blackbyrds
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