Breaks & 808s
hiphop // underground // experimental // breakbeat // groove

Taking you back, all the way from the freshest 808s you wish you could kick properly on FL to the roots of hip-hop with breaks you could groove to for days. And then a wee bit further to the finest soul, jazz & blues tunes you could ever sample. Flauntin' everything in between the eclectic genius of niche rap and your favorite rapper's favorite rappers, don't be sleeping on this!

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   Thu, 05/10/2017
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sketty summers
21/09/2017 // sketty summers

a playlist dedicated to too many nip slips, too many meat pies, too much ouzo, too many melters, too much sun, too much reggaeton, too much sinusitis, too much sexual harassment, too little grilled calamari, too little sensible decisions, too little sleep, pretty tanned birds and wee greek men w their shaved chest hair!!! more specifically, to that time i tried to set up my tent in a parking lot at 5am proper steaming, got up the next day and had brekky w a 70 yr old rando that ended up being a drug manufacturer, boosted asap, threw up behind a couple trash cans, went for actually the best swim ever, and put on (some of) these choons!!!!! RIP Summer '17, this ones fae u

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