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Braw Blether
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Braw Blether is here to discuss and highlight contemporary critical debates for the young and politically engaged across Glasgow in an entertaining and informative weekly hour of radio accompanied with the best new music.

The show is a unique, Glaswegian twist on conversational, interview-based radio shows. Braw Blether features timely and engaging conversations with established and emerging voices from the arts, journalism, politics and academia. Issues such as Brexit, access to housing, current political movements like LGBTQ rights, and balancing career progression with employment security have specific consequences for young people in Glasgow that each in-depth interview evaluates.

Braw Blether is the first port of call for the Glasgow student population, young people across the city, and those seeking to gain knowledge and a better understanding of the tumultuous world in which we live. The show follows an intersectional approach, where issues are considered for their impacts on numerous aspects of identity including race, sexuality, gender identification, religion and ethnicity.

Braw Blether is hosted by me, Mark Stern. I am a Glaswegian born and bred journalist and I examine the issues of the day through the question "what does this mean for young people?", because I am trying to find answers to that question, too.

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Gordon Maloney, Rent Controls in Scotland
22/03/2019 // Gordon Maloney, Rent Controls in Scotland

Gordon Maloney from Living Rent is the guest for today's episode of Braw Blether.

Gordon is the author of a new report, published by Living Rent and Common Weal, outlining a new system of rent controls for Scotland. The report argues that the rent controls brought in by the Scottish Government in 2016 are un-workable and insufficient.

I spoke with Gordon last week about the report, the housing crisis in Scotland, and how it can be solved.

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