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hiphop // techno // house // dubstep // garage

A fine assortment of the best sounds i can put together before the show. Reviews of new singles, albums and live events. Welcome to the world of Braille

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Mark Maxwell (Fortfied/This is our house)
23/01/2012 // Mark Maxwell (Fortfied/This is our house)

I met Mark at the beginning of the month when I invited him to play a night I was putting on. Having never met him before I soon realized he had a sublime taste in music . As well as being a badman dj and a really nice guy he also co-runs the blog wwww.thisisourhouse.org. As a resident at Glasgow's seminal fortified expect a lot of great music spanning a lot of genres.

We will be giving away two tickets to the Sepalcure gig @ the Subclub on the 3rd Feb. www.facebook.com/events/345599538786118/

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