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   I Wanna Be Down (Siik Remix)
  White Label
   Got 'til It's Gone
  Janet Jackson // Q-Tip
Flipside: Track A
Flipside: Track B
   Don't Mess with my Man
  Lucy Pearl
   Spend the Night
  Donell Jones
   Can't Stop
   Where I Wanna Be
  Shade Sheist // Nate Dogg // Kurupt
   Livin' it Up
  Ja Rule // Case
  Murder Inc./Def Jam/Polygram
   Do It (Remix)
  Nelly Furtado // Missy Elliott
   Do Ya Thang
  Def Jam
   Right There
  Nicole Scherzinger // 50 Cent
  Keyshia Cole // Eve
   Never Gonna Let You Go (She's a Keeper)
  Omarion // Big Boi
  Epic/Sony Urban
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