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   Lip Gloss
  Lil Mama
   Money in the Bank
  Swizz Beatz
  Motown Records
   Kiss Kiss
  Chris Brown // T-Pain
   What's Your Fantasy
  Disturbing tha Peace, Def Jam
   Stomp (Ratatat Remix)
  Young Buck // T.I // Ludacris
  Heavy on the Grind Int./EMI
   Irresistible Delicious
  Missy Elliot // Slick Rick
   Runnin (Philippians Remix)
  The Pharcyde
  Delicious Vinyl
   Talk About Our Love
   My Love is Like...Wo
   Into You
  Fabolous // Tamia
  Desert Storm
   Still Not a Player
  Big Pun // Joe
   Don't Think I'm Not
   Outta Control (Remix)
  50 Cent // Mobb Deep
   Wanna to Get To Know You
   Here I Am
  Rick Ross // Nelly // Avery Storm
  Slip N Slide
   Dope Chick
  The dream // Pusha T
  Radio Killa / Def Jam
   Better Be Good
  Ravaughn // Wale
   That Girl
  Justin Timberlake
  Beyoncé // André 3000
   Body Party
Flipside: Track A
   Let's Get Blown
  Snoop Doop // Pharrell
  Doggystyle/Star Trak/Geffen
Flipside: Track B
   Get Lucky
  Daft Punk // Pharrell
  Daft Life / Columbia
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