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hiphop // pop // rnb // crunk // gangstarap

Bounce is one anglo-filipino lesbian's journey through the purple hills of hiphop and r'n'b. After years of listening to Pitchfork Best New Music lists and attempting to bump and grind to The Smiths, Bicola has decided to stop fronting and embrace the fact that at her root she's a dirty r'n'b freak. Tune in to hear some classic 90s hits, chart floor fillers and choice joints from every corner of the hiphop and r'n'b landscape. It'll be dope, aight. * *Note: As Bicola is from the South of England she will not be heard saying things like 'dope' or 'aight' because she will get beaten up. Just sayin'.

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just in case i die, let's have sex
26/03/2013 // Unnamed Episode

In this episode of Bounce I artfully (*ahem*) flip between a few of the best tween r'n'b hits (yes, JoJo makes an appearance) to some tracks designed to manipulate the ladies into bed with you. Inappropriate? Yes. Enjoyable? Always.

Hear me also gush about the star-that-never-was Megan Rochelle in between mocking Keily from 3LW's lisp and scrutinising Jahiem's not so romantic 'Just in Case'. A mixed bag of delights said someone, somewhere, when I paid them.


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