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//Border_Lands is a show that seeks to uncover the complexities at the heart of technology and politics around the world by picking apart what we know about the Internet and what we don’t. Furthest away from consensus and the deafening roar of majority viewpoints, at the borders of conventional wisdom, we hope to ask new questions to see what comes to the surface.

This show will explore the fringes of political debate on free expression, online culture, human rights, current affairs and civic movements both in Scotland and across the globe. So whether it is the normalisation of surveillance, the rise of far right extremism, online free expression and the opaque systems of corporate and state control, we will seek to explore everything, not seeking answers, nor neat consensus; instead focusing on picking apart the complexities that underpin our modern world.

So welcome to Border Lands the place where debate resides under an assumed identity, hiding out from those who seek to shut it down. Nothing is what it seems, or perhaps everything is!

Oh, we will also play music, loosely connected to the issue of the day!

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   18:00 - 20:00
   Thu, 27/06/2019
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17/04/2019 // Everywh3r3 / N0wh3r3

Welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism! The internet underpins nearly everything we do, but most of the time we cannot map the entirety of it, but how does it shape our relationship with our bodies, our loved ones, the neighbourhood around us, the state and private companies, oftentimes cloaked in secrecy? To try to give shape to this unseen territory we will be dissecting how surveillance and data collation impacts the personal, the private and the public. In this episode we will look at how health insurance companies have seen in wearable tech a way to revolutionise their relationship with their customers and their data; the shadowy world of Stalkerware, with friend of //Border_Lands, security researcher, Cian Heasley; how a Silicon Valley company has attempted to redefine policing and what happens when private companies sell surveillance technologies to authoritarian regimes across the globe.

The internet is both local and global, personal and public, but what does surveillance do to our understanding of the systems that we depend on, whether we like it or not?

Show Notes


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