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//Border_Lands is a show that seeks to uncover the complexities at the heart of technology and politics around the world by picking apart what we know about the Internet and what we don’t. Furthest away from consensus and the deafening roar of majority viewpoints, at the borders of conventional wisdom, we hope to ask new questions to see what comes to the surface.

This show will explore the fringes of political debate on free expression, online culture, human rights, current affairs and civic movements both in Scotland and across the globe. So whether it is the normalisation of surveillance, the rise of far right extremism, online free expression and the opaque systems of corporate and state control, we will seek to explore everything, not seeking answers, nor neat consensus; instead focusing on picking apart the complexities that underpin our modern world.

So welcome to Border Lands the place where debate resides under an assumed identity, hiding out from those who seek to shut it down. Nothing is what it seems, or perhaps everything is!

Oh, we will also play music, loosely connected to the issue of the day!

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12/11/2019 // http://Char|atan_1sm

The Internet has enabled people to communicate, source information and form communities with fewer gatekeepers or barriers. The hope of a non-hierarchical network, where all speech was valued equally was a noble if impossible dream, especially in a political system still maintained and shaped by opaque and unknowable forces.

But as the technology has evolved, how people present themselves, their expertise and influence has also evolved. Snake oil has made its way to the online world, with influencers and experts able to shape and direct the narrative, command visibility on online and offline spaces and share fiction dressed up in the guise of expert testimony. The phantom of ‘fake news’ has gripped political discussion, but what about the networks behind it and those spreading information that banks on institutional respectability, the appearance of independent rigour and vibrant speech environment?

In this episode we will look at how new technology has fostered a new generation of charlatanism, and what that means for public discourse and organising, both online and off. To map this patchy landscape we are going to explore what happens when a 21-year old forms a political intelligence firm from his parents’ house, leading to a series of press conferences held on a DC driveway about leading Democratic presidential hopefuls and Robert Mueller.

If the internet is a house built for everyone, what happens when the charlatans or influencers have the keys...

Show Notes

Jacob Wohl

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