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Calling all die-hard and inquisitive Bollywood fans! Love-struck by Lata Mangeshkar? Bonkers about Bhangra beats? Or simply smitten by sitar tracks? Then we've got the perfect match for you! Bringing you everything from Classical Indian Arts to the glorious rise of commercial Bollywood. Our golden platter provides something spicy for everyone to indulge in...So sit back, tune in and make a date with your favourite desi hits.

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Sporting Celebrities
05/11/2012 // Sporting Celebrities

Running the show slightly longer than usual, this weeks JAM-PACKED and ENTERTAINMENT-FILLED show brought you:

*Rajesh Khanna*

*Yash Chopra*

*New feature focusing on local updates in and around Glasgow* In conversation with GUSA President Chris Millar, I chat to him about the success of Freshers' Week 2012, answering all your campus-related questions in a short interview, quizzing his knowledge on international sports (while educating the rest of us), playing some 'feel good songs' to get you up and ready for the gym as well as the upcoming BIG GUSA QUIZ being held on the 16th of November. Listen in to find out how you can get involved.

As always we LOVE to hear what YOU have to say on the show! So send in your requests! Send in your suggestions! Which GUESTS would you like to tune in to? Get in touch by simply commenting or leaving a message on the FACEBOOK PAGE on https://www.facebook.com/bollywoodbox.show?ref=hl and TWEET me at https://twitter.com/HiffyQ.

Until then stay safe and stay tuned!

Bollywood Box x

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