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   Germs - Side A - Untitled
  Kenneth Graham
   No Scrub
  Force Tracks
Sampled Lipps Inc. - 'How Long' 5 Years before Justus Kohncke used the same sample on 'Timecode'
   See What I've Become (Superpitcher Remix)
  Ghost Cauldron
   Vision 03
  Voigt & Voigt
  Kompakt Extra
Brothers Reinhard & Wolfgang Voigt team up to make techno dreams
   Do It Properly (No Way Back)
  Adonis // 2 Puerto Ricans, A Blackman And A Dominican
Nice jazzy version of pioneering early house classic No Way Back by David Morales and Ralphi Rosario (2 Puerto Ricans), David Cole (a Blackman) & Robert Clivilles (a Dominican), played by Ewan Chambers (a Whiteman)
   Kino 3
  Cabaret Voltaire
   Detroit City
  Force Inc.
  Inner City
  6 x 6
   Just Like Heaven (Armando's Version)
   Brothers (Joseph Watt Remix)
   Rubb It In
  Fierce Ruling Diva
   The Noise (The Remix)
   Acid Rock (Inst Remix)
  Rhythm Device
   House of God
Recently remixed by the Poker Flat plebs, this is the O.G. version
   Vicious Game
  David Carretta
  International Deejay Gigolos
   Der Klang der Famile
  3 Phase // Dr. Motte
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