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Ep 8 - Apollo 8
Body Parts
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   The Third Wave - Love in the Waves
  Suzanne Ciani
  Andréa Daltro
  Music From Memory
   Apollo 8 Highlights
   Green Gold Grey
  Shuta Hasunuma // U-zhaan // Arto Lindsay
   Ancient Forces
  Bruce Lacey
   Chloroform Sauna
  Geinoh Yamashirogumi
   Six Winged Angel
  Doom Trip
   Earth Quintessence
  Nadi Quamar
  The Orchard Enterprises
   Tokyo Glasgow
  Pastels // Tenniscoats
   Essence of Sapphire
  Dorothy Ashby
   Galaxy of Turiya
  Alice Coltrane
   Son Binocle
  Satsuki Shibano // Erik Satie
  Sound Process
   This is How we Walk on the Moon
  Arthur Russel
  Point Music
   The Crossing (ooh the action)
  Grace Jones
   Little Birds, Moonbath
  Yu Su // Michelle Helene Mackenzie
  Music From Memory
  Mount Kimbie
   Personal Climate (Overture)
  Meredith Monk
  ECM New Series
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