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Body Parts
club // kuduro // drum // baile // notclub

Body parts is going to prod, poke, dissect and stitch together anything that ends up on the operating/turn table. We will get our hands dirty exploring some of the hidden recesses of our favourite artists and don the protective gear to slash our way through whichever sub-genres have the misfortune to swim into our way.

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   13:00 - 14:00
   Mon, 16/12/2019
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Ep 14 - High Kick Kuduro w/ Pongo
02/12/2019 // Ep 14 - High Kick Kuduro w/ Pongo

I'm delighted to share with you a conversation I had with the angolan Kuduro singer Pongo while she was in Glasgow this weekend. Attacking kuduro from all angles keep an eye on the album coming next year.

Body parts will round out the show with some more kuduro and a selection of other tunes

Catch BP live at PINK NOISE 2 14/12


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