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Bob Gnarley
beatless // metal // beats

Bob Gnarley compiles mixtapes of all things heavy and dirty, the embryonic ambient, black metal, beats, the curious and heady. The distorted and serene mixture cuts any inane chatter with slow paced forecasts and interviews with people more interesting than Bob.

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Episode 4 // Eric La Casa & Jean-Luc Gionnet
25/05/2010 // Episode 4 // Eric La Casa & Jean Luc Guionnet

Two of Europe's leading field recordists, Eric La Casa and the deftly ferocious instrumentalist Jean-Luc Guionnet, recently collaborated producing un-edited, one-shot subjective sonic portraits of four Glaswegian houses, their inhabitants and their relationship through sound. By creating a series of blurry audio networks, that questioned cause and effect between residents and musicians blurring any idea of who the author of a recordings is, by investigating how sound interacts with, represents and is part of space, time and everyday life. The installation was part of Uninstal festival at the Tramway, the festival provided baffling experimental metal, unlistenable silence, language games, sound poetry, anti-understandability, urban organising, bare knuckle improvisation, uncreativity, everyday sound, anti-gentrification, radical field recording, conceptual writing, organised listening and absurd humour…it was intense. More of the recordings from the festival will be available via Subcity, but this episode focuses on these two deep-thinkers of field recording.

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