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jazz // psychedelia // noise // krautrock // other

If you push post-modern thought to its logical extreme, it'll end up wallowing around naked in a sea of its own piss and shit. This is the sound of BLACK STATIC TRANSMISISON. Musical primitivism isn't some brain-dead, neanderthal fuck-around. Nor is it a bunch of angst-ridden, sexually repressed retards sticking a loop station/microphone combo into a shitty overdriven practice amp. If you want a glib soundbite, then the sound of supposedly 'high' art/thought mutated into unrestricted freedom, acting on impulse with a love of sound as sound is roughly in the right ball park. Stuffy academia it most definately is not. If you want a list of genres, then you're in the wrong place. But if you share a wave-length with free jazz, psychedelic electronics, devolved rawk shamanism, gnomic folk and other outsider audio, you'll probably have a lot to smoke about. The so-called alternative/underground is about as alternative as ham sandwiches at high altitude. Come get some gourment subterannean dining at its dangerously undercooked best.

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Well, on Subcity anyway.

Thanks to all who have listened to the show for the last four years, and to all who listened to Grind Your Mind before that. It's been a blast.

BST will be back in some form in some other place in the future, and if you want any info about this, then just drop me an email at [email protected]

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