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Inaugural Lodge
The Black Lodge
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   New Coat of Paint
  Tom Waits
   Cops & Robbers
  A to Z
  Williams Street
   Caribou (BBC Live Session)
   (She Was A) Hotel Detective
  They Might Be Giants
  Rough Trade
  Warner Bros.
   Jeez Louise
   Jenny Kelly
  Fight Like Apes
  Modern Citizen
   Robert Crumb
  Hoovers & Sledgehammers
  Drunken Lust
  St. Vincent
   Crave The Flesh
  Grand Pocket Orchestra
   Wild Pack Of Family Dogs
  Modest Mouse
   Rice Is Nice
  Too Pure
   I Hate You
  The Monks
   Party Of Special Things To Do
  Captain Beefheart
   Dig Lazarus, Dig!!!
  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
   A Glorious Dawn
  Carl Sagan
  Third Man
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