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The Black Lodge
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   Ballet Shoes
  Grand Pocket Orchestra
   Chips Ahoy!
  The Hold Steady
   Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
  William Shatner
   In Heaven
   Your Racist Friend
  They Might Be Giants
   Come Over
  Built to Spill
  Adult Swim
   I need a dollar
  Aloe Blacc
  Dead Dogs Two
   Lawyers, Guns & Money
  Warren Zevon
   Fight Test
  The Flaming Lips
  Warner Bros.
  Warner Bros.
   I Never Talk to Strangers
  Tom Waits // Bette Midler
   Ego Override
  Bob Mould
   God Bless America
  Joan of Arc
  Jade Tree
   Massif Centrale
  Frank Black // The Catholics
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