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A tipped cap for Irish music
The Black Lodge
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   The Body of an American
  The Pogues
   Razamatazz Lowry
  Hoovers & Sledgehammers
  Drunken Lust
   What a Human Does
  The Dudley Corporation
  Absolutely Kosher
  Grand Pocket Orchestra
   I Am Brazil
  The Redneck Manifesto
  Trust me I'm a Thief
   I Can't Die
  Large Mound
   Big Chin
  Party Weirdo
   Don't touch That Dial
  Retarded Cop
   The League of Impressionable Teend
  So Cow
  Tic Tac Totally
   Without Sound
  Story of Hair
  Plugged in Pig
   Olympic Gall Bladder
  Rack & Ruin
   H + Z5 Together At Last
  Fight Like Apes
  Model Citizen
   You Feel The Fire!
  Le Galaxie
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