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episode eleven / spring has sprung
Bigger The Punch
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   Ain't No Stopping Us Now (Stopping Version)
  Risco Connections
  Black Rose Music
   Avèou Dodou
  Kassav // Jean Claude Naimro
  S.A.R.L Zouk
   Adome Nyueto
  Yta Jourias
  Hot Casa
   Isilingo Sendoda
  Patience Africa
  Gallo Record Company
   Badala Zamana
   You Can't Change A Man
  Christy Essien
   Since I Found My Baby
  Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
   You Don't Have To Change
  Kool & The Gang
  The Island Def Jam
   Candidate For Love
  TS Monk
   It Should Have Been You
  Gwen Guthrie
  Island Records ‎
   On and On
  Harvey Mason
   Rhythm In Your Mind
   Falling In Love
   No One Gets the Prize (Jimmy Simpson Mix)
  Diana Ross // Jimmy Simpson
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