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episode fourteen / half birthday
Bigger The Punch
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   Fior De Trigo
  Kamel Oil Company Band
   Give Me The Sunshine
  Leo's Sunshipp
   When It's Over
  Kenny Mann
  Mad About
   I Know You Care
  Ethel Beatty
   For You
   I Owe It To Myself
  Prime Time
  Total Experience
   All I Need Is You
   Tell Me (How It Feels) (Extended)
  52nd Street
   Satan In Love
  La Bellini
  Music For Dreams
  The Electric Connection
   Don't Be Cold - In the Summer of Love
  Stupid Set
  Italian Records
   I Dig You
  Demis Roussos
   Je Vulesse
  Nu Guinea
  NG Records
   Water No Get Enemy
  Voilaaa // Pat Kalla // Fela Anikulapo Kuti
  Favorite Recordings
   Hey! Hey! Hey! (Extended Vocal)
  Captain Mosez
  Universal Music South Africa
   Hooked (Kon's Nite Time Remix)
  Sir Own
  Gold Finger
   Disco Illusion
  Stephen Ecinas
  Invisible City Editions
   Lady Bug (I Just Wanna Be Your Lady Bug) (12")
  Bumblebee Unlimited
  First Word Records
   Give Me Love
   Feelin' Love
  Hott City
  Lizzy Mercier Descloux
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