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Benzo and Nav Are Dead, Long live Benzo and Nav
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   Have You Seen The Saucers (live)
  Jefferson Airplane
   The Magnificent Seven (live)
  The Clash
   Decision at Midnight (live)
  The Toasters
  Moon Ska
   Darlin' (live)
  Brian Wilson
   Rocket Roll (live)
  The Phenomenauts
   Mystery of Iniquity (live)
  Lauryn Hill
   Lie to Me (live)
  Tom Waits
  White Label
   Alive 2007 Encore (live)
  Daft Punk
   Cheeseburger (live)
  Gang Of Four
  Warner Bros.
   St. Stephen (live)
  The Grateful Dead
  Warner Bros.
   Don't Knock the Bald Head (live)
  Bad Manners
   Honky Tonk Women (live)
  The Rolling Stones
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