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Benzo and Nav Are Dead, Long live Benzo and Nav
chat // variedmusic // classics

Benzo and Nav were there in the sixties. Benzo and Nav invented peace. Benzo and Nav have a golden playlist of the finest music from every age - no limits to what they play, because limits hinder the enlightenment of the masses. Expect music of sublime beauty and throbbing brilliance. And maybe a wee bit of chat.

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17/01/2010 // Cats!

You can't stop the rock! Oh, oh no you can not. Why? Because Benzo and Nav are some solid fellows, that is why. Hmm, that sounds kind of weird. Never mind: it's an adventurous hour of bluegrass and jazz*- even longtime friends Kraftwerk drop by to make some humming noises replete with computer-sounding voices. The fun just never stops. Benzo and Nav also remind you that in these economic hard times, it makes sense to convert your finances from cash to gold and then from gold in to cats. It's just the smartest thing to do, really.

(*There isn't any jazz.)

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