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Stars In Your Eyes
Beat The Bush
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   Stars In Your Eyes (Special Disco Mix)
  Herbie Hancock
   Lovin' You
  Status IV
   Angel Dust
  Gil Scott-Heron // Brian Jackson
   EBM (Echo by Midnight)
  Daniel Wang
   By The Way You Dance (Larry Levan Mix)
  Bunny Sigler
   Sure Shot
  Tracy Weber
   Storm King
  Bob James // Grover Washington Jr.
   Walking Into Sunshine (Larry Levan Mix)
  Central Line
   Hot Hot Summer Day
  The SugarHill Gang
   The Rain
  Oran "Juice" Jones
   Burnin' Hot
   Can't Hold Back Your Lovin' (edit)
  Giant Cuts
   On The Air - Rap Mix (Frankie Francis edit)
  Lexy Mella
  Sound Way
   Love Injection
   Street Player (The Owl Edit)
   Only You
  Steven Monite
  Sound Way
   Take It Easy (Instrumental)
  T.C. Curtis
   The Rabona
  unknown artist
  Giant Cuts
   I Can Shoot You From Stuttgart
  Let's Play House
  unknown artist
   Summer Groove
  Dj Ciderman
  This Is Our Time
   Dancing Caraibas
  unknown artist
  Tru Disco Edits
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