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Adventures in the Land of Music
Beat The Bush
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   Adventures in the Land of Music
   All For You
  Ronnie Laws
  United Artists
   Tango Hustle
  Kay Gees
   Love Fever (Shep Pettibone mix)
  Gayle Adams
   Love Massage
  Lowrell Simon
  Zoo York Recordz
   Love Me For Real
  Rim & Kasa
   Somebody Else's Guy
  Jocelyn Brown
  Vinyl Dreams
   Bad Habit
  Jenny Burton
   Far Beyond
   Dance With You (Get Down Edit)
  Carrie Lucas
  Disco Deviance
  Chaka Khan
  Warner Bros.
   Glow of Love
  Warner Bros.
   Instant Groove
  Dr Packer
  Wall of Fame
   Jump to the Edit
  Aretha Franklin
  Giant Cuts
   Step Into My Life (M&M Main Mix)
  Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra // Arthur Verocai
  Far Out
   Killing Me (Ooh Wee) (Acidic Edit)
  Johnny "JT" Taylor
  Giant Cuts
   EditChannel XXX
   Lost In Music
  Gay Marvine
  Bath House Etiquette
  80's Child
  Midnight Riot
   Pay Rise
  Deadly Sins
  Giant Cuts
   Hold You Tight
  Doc Jam
  Giant Cuts
   No More Talking
  Tiger and Woods
Tracks 13 - 23 are the continous mix
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