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Like I Like It
Beat The Bush
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   Like I Like It (Remix)
   Goddess of the Boogie
  Mystic Merlin
   Get Down
  Gene Chandler
   Mellow Mellow Right On
   She Can't Love You
   Hold Me Lonely Boy
  Norma Jean
   Karen Young
  Hot Shot
  West End
  The Gibson Brothers
   Let's Do It
   This Beat Is Mine (Instrumental)
  Vicky D
   Don't Stop
  Greg Henderson
   (Just Because) You'll Be Mine (Shep Pettibone mix)
  Instant Funk
   Moment of My Life (DJ Vas Edit)
  Inner Life
  Razor N Tape
   You Should Have Known Better (Meltdown Dub)
  T.C. Curtis
  Hot Melt
   Sequence of Movement
  Frank Booker
  Disco Deviance
   Looks Like Love
  Masterworks Music
   Stop That
  Masterworks Music
   Rayko's Doo Doo
  American Standard
   What a Funky Night
  Discotheque Wreckers
   Mr Bump Man (Rahaan Edit)
  Jackie Beavers
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