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Leaping Mixes!
Beat The Bush
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   Saving All My Love For You
  Midnight Energy
   What Does It Take?
  unknown artist
   I Got Your Number
  Perishable Vertibrate/Rayko
  Whiskey Disco
   Come And Get It
   Do I Do (Rayko's DooDoo)
  Maurice McGee
  American Standard
   It's Time To Be Real (LTJ Edit)
  Hot Groovy Edits
   I Got This Feelin'
  Beantown Music
   Doin' It
  Lux Experience
  Giant Cuts
   Jam Jam Jam (All night Long)(Mr Snippy's extended)
  People's Choice
  Persnickety Sounds
   Dance Dance Dance
  Lux Experience
  Giant Cuts
  80's Child
  Giant Cuts
   Soul Confusion
  Keith Mansfield
  Escape Breaks
   Gang Progress
  Perry Duchamps
  Grand Gruyere
   African Pop Session
  African Voodoo
  Grand Gruyere
   Do It Till Your Satisfied
  BT Express
  Scepter Records
  Roy Haines Hip Ensemble
  Escape Breaks
   You Can Do It
  Al Hudson
   Just Let It Lay
   Big Funk
  Buster Pearson
   It's A Damn Shame
  Johnny Guitar Watson
  Earth, Wind and Fire
   I Thought It Was You
  Herbie Hancock
  Isaac Hayes
   First Light
  Perry Faith
  Grand Gruyere
   Mirror Image
  Blood, Sweat & Tears
   The Hunter
  Joe Sample
   Fool On The Street
  Rick James
   So Nice I Tried It Twice
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