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Ride on the Rhythm
Beat The Bush
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   Ride on the Rhythm (Masters at Work remix)
  West End
   Make Me Believe in You
  Melba Moore
   Feelin' Fine (Rahaan's Fine Feelings edit)
  Sly Cabell
   Your Love Makes Me a Winner
  Starbase Sounds
   Do It Any Way You Wanna
  Philly World
   Stool Pigeon
  Kid Creole // The Coconuts
   Atomic Dog
  George Clinton
   White Horse
  Laid Back
  Brown Sugar Productions
   Heartless (Dub mix)
  Evelyn Thomas
   Dance Lady Dance (unknown edit)
  Crown Heights Affair
   Voices Inside My Head
  Common Sense
  Slow It Down // Rob Etherson
   Cabrio Mango
  Toy Tonics
   Party (Love Drop edit)
  Love Drop
  Disco Deviance
  unknown artist
   Shake 'N' Skate
  Dr. York
  Groove Production
   Weekend (Dub Mix)
  Class Action // Chris Wiltshire
   Love Has Come my Way (edit)
  Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra
   No Piggidy
  unknown artist
  White Label
   Be Mine
  Dj Ciderman
  This Is Our Time
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