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Complication Shakedown
Beat The Bush
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   Complication Shakedown
  Moto Sano
   Spring High
  Ramsey Lewis
   Now That I've Found You
  Leroy Hutson
   Turn The Music Up!
  The Players Association
   One Man Jam
  94 EAST
   Sweet Maryline
  Christian Gaubert
  Musipro & Monstrous Music
   Betcha Got a Dude on the Side
  Star Quality & Class
   Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
  Sound of New York
   Last Night Changed It All
  Esther Williams
   Call Me "Mr" Telephone
   Wanting You (Special Extended Dub Version)
  Giant Cuts
   Ask The Boss (Deadly Sins Edit)
  Giant Cuts
   Love Don't Wait
  Ron Basejam
  Razor N Tape
   To Prove My Love (Deadly Sins Edit)
  Ned Doheny
  Giant Cuts
   Far Away (Mr Mendel's Edit)
  Gladys Knight // The Pips
  Lumberjacks Boogie
  unknown artist
   Don't Touch That Dial (Jimmy the Twin's Edit)
  Captain Sky
  Boogie Cafe
   Magic Voodoo (Rayko's Edit)
  Evelyn King
  Lumberjacks Boogie
   Love Thang (Edit of Unclear Provenance)
  first choice
   Get Up
  DJ Rocca // N2B
  To Rack & Ruin
   I Don't Know (Roller Boogie Edit)
  Evelyn King
  Giant Cuts
   When You're Number One
  Gene Chandler
  Chi Sound
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