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Do What You Wanna Do
Beat The Bush
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   Do What You Wanna Do
  T. Connection
   All I Need Is You
   Funky Sensation
  Gwen McCrae
  Al jarreau
  Warner Bros.
  The Brothers Johnson
   Seconds (Shep Pettibone Club version)
  Loleatta Holloway
   All About The Paper (Bobby Guttadaro 12" remix)
  Loleatta Holloway
   Catch Me On The Rebound (Walter Gibbons remix)
  Loleatta Holloway
   Just Feel It
  First Touch
  Star Creature
   Body Movement (Instrumental)
   Friend or Freak
  Freekwency // Cazeaux Oslo
   Just Keep On Dancing (Mike Dunn edit)
  We R Tuesday Nights
   Dub In Ham Palace
  C Strangelove
   High on Disco
  Lord Funk // DJ MOAR
  Streat Beet
   Get It On
  Crazy Penis
   Got To Give In
  Neil Diablo
  Boogie Cafe
   Why! (Drum dub)
  Roland Clark
   Party Lick-a-bles (One-lick-able To Go mix)
  Bootsy Collins
  Black Culture
   Spread That Feelin' All Around
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