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Doin' it in a Haunted House
Beat The Bush
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  Janus 78
  One Way // Al Hudson
   You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
  The Jones girls
   Do Your Dance
  Rose Royce
   Give Me Your Love
  Sylvia Striplin
  Uno Melodic
   The Crown
  Gary Byrd // The G.B. Experience
   Thriller (Instrumental)
  Michael Jackson
   Doin' It in a Haunted House
  Yvonne Gage
   Haunted House of Rock
   Don't Waste Your Time
  Yarborough & Peoples
  Total Experience
   Inch by Inch
   Mingus in my Pocket
   Find a Way
  Dego & The 2000Black Family
   Fusion (Broadcast Mix)
  Will Di Maggio
  Future Times
   Knew His Ass Come Back
  Stacy Kidd // The Underground Elements
   Kind of Life Kind of Love (Masters at Work Mix)
  West End
   Agent Yuri
  Phil Gerus
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