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Barely Breaking Even
Beat The Bush
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   Barely Breaking Even
  Universal Robot Band
   Do Something
  Robert "Goodie" Whitfield
  Total Experience
   Conscious of my Conscience
  Womack & Womack
   4th & B'way/Island/PolyGram
  All Should Be in All
   Jazz Thing
  Gang Starr
   Let's Dance
  West End
   Another Man
  Barbara Mason
  West End
   You Can't Have Your Cake (And Eat it Too)
  B.T. (Brenda Taylor)
  West End
   Is it All Over My Face (Female Vocal)
  Loose Joints
  West End
   Let Me Show You (Instrumental)
  Larry Wu
   Hit The Spot
  Diamond Ortiz
  Austin Boogie Crew
   One And Only (Edit)
  The Ritchie Family
   Step By Dub
  Jerome Derradji
   Musical Dope
  The Mighty Zaf / Phil Asher
   Il Veliero
  The Chaplin Band
   Body Jerkin'
  Stacy Kidd // Peven Everett
  Lumberjacks In Hell
   Rock Attack (Faze Action Discomix)
  King Sporty & The Extras
  Emotional Rescue
   Maple Loco
  Boogie Cafe
  Boogie Cafe
   In The Forest
  Baby 'O
   Copa Cabana (Mark Grusane edit)
  Frank Pellico
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