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A Joyful Process
Beat The Bush
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   A Joyful Process
   You Really Turn Me On
   Strawberry Letter 23
  Brothers Johnson
   Solo With The Lights Off
  unknown artist
   Theme from Black Hole
   Shoot the Pump (Instrumental)
  J Walter Negro & The Loose Jointz
  Zoo York
   I Wish You Would (Tell Me Something Good)
   Call Me
   Do Wa Ditty (Blow That Thing)
  Warner Bros.
   I'll Be a Freak for You
  Royalle Delite
   Love it Or (Beat the Bush)
  Solid Platinum
   What Have You Got to Lose
  The Jammers
   The Wrong Virrey
  Sleazy McQueen
   Labour of Love
   Rafael Cameron
  Boogie's Gonna Get You
   Treating Me
  The Legendary 1979 Orchestra
  Get Down Edits
   Under The Knife (A Special Reconstruction)
  Disco Boogie Classics
  Giant Cuts
   With Your Love
   Light My Fire Edit
  DJ Lord Funk
  Boogie Butt
   Solar Shield
  Austin Boogie Crew
   Hotel Lava
  True Disco Edits
  True Boogie
   It's True You Do
  Blend It!
   Star on 45
  Jean Claude Gavri
   Revenge (Beppe Loda Edit)
  Local Kaffee
   Thanks To You
  Becket Records
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