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Black Frost
Beat The Bush
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   Black Frost
  Grover Washington Jr.
   For Your Love
  Peter Brown
   When Love Surges
  Jules Shear
   Haunting You
  Mystic Merlin
   Do It (Instrumental)
  Herley Johnson Jr
   Blow Your Whistle
  Soul Searchers
   Keep the Fire Burning
  Gwen Guthrie
   Don't Give it Up
  Willy Roy
  Sound Way
   One Lover (Don't Stop the Show) (Dub)
   Taste the Music
   Out Come the Freaks (Predominantly Funk mix)
  Was not was
   Do It
  Crazy P
   Solitary Sex
   State of Mind (Crazy P edit)
  Raul Midon
   Sticky Like Glue (JC's extended mix)
  Circuit Promo
   Fitness Beats
  Most Excellent
   San Salvador (Version Disco)
   Hell Dance with Me
  Black Sun
   Dancing Caraibas
  True Disco Edits
   Space Up Your Life
  Common Edit
   Can't Hide Love (Tim McAllister edit)
  Jimmy Smith
  DJ Rocca & N2B
  To Rack & Ruin
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